The Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet had a feature on Team Erik Stark’s upcoming F1 premieer.

“There will be more boats racing at the same time, laps, bumps. Everything will be tougher,” Stark says.

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The Swedish newspaper Helsingborgs Dagblad had a feature on Erik Stark’s F1 premieer. You can access the article here:

When a technical mishap forced Erik Stark to interupt his F1 premieer during his eigth lap, most media reported on it. The Swedish newspaperGöteborgs-Posten, among others, wrote about it. Please click here if you wish to read more:

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The Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet on Erik Stark’s F1 premieer:

The Swedish newspaper Helsingborgs Dagblad on Erik Stark’s F1 premieer (HD):

The Swedish motorsports magazine Motormagasinet – “Svenske båtracingstjärnan Erik Stark börjar köra F1”:

The Swedish newspaper Göteborgs-Posten has a short feature on Erik Stark’s F1 performance: (

Raceboat International has an article about Erik Stark’s future plans. Please click here if you wish to read it:(

The boat racing blog SVERA has a post about Erik Stark and about his big feature in the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter. Please click here to read the post:(


“Erik Stark has already won F2 several times. Now it is time to enter the F1 of boat racing. TV4 Sport has met with Stark in The United Arab Emirates and Abu Dhabi.” The clip is available through TV4 Play below.


Visat Motor and F1H2O sum up the F1 season of 2012. Please click here to watch the clip tt F1H2O:(


The sports section of the Swedish news agency Tidningarnas Telegrambyrå (TT) is monitoring the coverage of Erik Stark and issues brief articles. Several national, regional as well as local newspapers have had features on Team Erik Stark, including the following:

  • Nerikes Allehanda
  • VLT
  • GP
  • Ystads Allehanda
  • Skånska Dagbladet
  • Eskilstuna Kuriren
  • Laholms Tidning
  • Norran
  • Skånskan
  • NSD
  • Piteå tidning

Erik Stark on the cover of Raceboat International. You can download the magazine for free here!

Erik i DNbildErik i Metro