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Hi, Erik. Why do you love boat racing?

“I’ve always liked speed. It’s amazing to feel the g-force when you turn and how you can make the whole boat airborne when you go straight!”

How did it all start?

“The whole thing started when I was eleven and attended a course to get a boat driving licence. This happened to be at a racing club. Gradually, I got more and more into racing and the following year I got to borrow the club’s boat and do a few races. A while after that we bought our own boat and we’ve just kept going since.”

What’s your strongest racing memory?

“My first win in F1 2017 in Harbin, Kina”

How do you handle setbacks?

“I usually shake them off quickly. I’m not the kind of person who spends a lot of time thinking about stuff like that. I learn from my mistakes and start again.”

Describe the sensation of driving.

“I almost can’t explain it. It’s amazing when you fly while driving straight, and when you reach a turn and let the boat hit the water at full speed it’s like a train that can’t derail.”

What’s a typical trainling week like for you?

“During the winter, I only spend time att the gym. I have sessions with my personal trainer about three times a week. When the ice has melted we try to train on water at least twice a week.”

Why do you win? What’s your secret?

“That’s a hard one. I think it’s the fact that I’m calm and that the team work so well together. Yeah, the secret has to be the fact that we have such an awesome team! No one can beat us. I don’t think people are aware of how much effort they put in and to what great extent our victories are due to them.”

What’s your view on how sports impact our environment?

”Our environmental impact is practically non-existent. We use ”green” engines which are optimized to combust everything we pour into it in order to perform to the max. And me and my team also buy allowances so as to compensate for our emissions.

Are you ever scared during races? You have been in a few frightening crashes…

“I’m never scared during races. The feeling you get after having been in a crash doesn’t leave you for some time. But I’m pretty good at letting stuff like that go.”

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